Dallas Cowboys Draft A Dad

The Dallas Cowboys signed former Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden to a 2 year deal on Monday. The superstar 30 year-old agreed to receive minimum pay from the Cowboys, but is still guaranteed $2.1 million from his previous contract with the Browns. The third year will play behind starter Tony Romo and backup Kyle Orton; he plans on competing for the starting job no matter the situation.


Photo courtesy of http://standingosports.com/main/2013/10/21/gif-brandon-weeden-threw-terrible-pass/

With the recent departure of Pro Bowl defensive end DeMarcus Ware, it appears “America’s team,” made the right decision in acquiring the double-threat QB. Jerry Jones and company don’t need to sign any more defensive players. They’re already the top defensive team in the National Football League. As for the offense, fans have bickered for years about Romo and his inability to finish in big games. The Weeden signing stirs up some controversy as to whether Romo will remain the starter. Although, I believe Jerry could’ve signed an older QB. I was thinking along the lines of Roger Staubach, Troy Aikmen, or maybe even Brett Favre. Weeden is clearly not old enough to handle a pro style offense like the names mentioned above.


The “Boys” are better off without this sissy anyway. Photo courtesy of http://www.tddaily.com/news/warren-sapp-demarcus-ware-needs-to-be-more-demonstrative-leader/

Jerry Jones and posse have a lot of decisions to make with the NFL Draft coming up in May. Which kick holder will the Cowboys draft in the first round? Jones has been trying to fill the void ever since Romo’s botched hold back in the 2006 NFC Wild Card game. Perhaps the Cowboys don’t need to draft one at all; Weeden could be the answer to their prayers. The former Major League Baseball player is used to catching balls under pressure.

Look for Weeden to shake things up in Dallas, his 5-15 record in two seasons with the Browns doesn’t do him justice.


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