What She Can Expect

For her, wherever she may be.


There are 86,400 seconds, 1440 minutes, and 24 hours in a day. That’s enough time to drive from Los Angeles to Houston, Memphis to Phoenix, or even Seattle to Boulder. You could do all your laundry, go on a run, see a movie, play a round of golf, go to a doctor’s appointment, party with Rihanna, and still be able to blow your nose 100 times. Surely there’s enough time in the day for us to tell our loved ones we care for them. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to read, write, speak, and walk. However, we all share the ability to love. No matter if it’s a parent, sibling, teddy bear, or your main squeeze. I’m not sure I know or have experienced what true “love” is before, but I do know if I had an infinite amount of 24 hour days to devote to someone, I’d be there in a heart beat. There’s no such thing as being too busy. I was born to love. Weren’t we all?

Here’s a list of things she can expect, as told by yours truly.

She can expect to be treated like a lady. The most embarrassing thing for me is to see members of my gender make asses of themselves. We should strive to be gentleman with everything that is in us, and try to set an example for how our sons should treat women (ie. their sisters) in the future.

She can expect a nervous wreck at first: You don’t always meet the most beautiful girl in the world.

She’ll see butterflies in these eyes, cos somehow it’ll always feel like the first time.

She can expect my boys to talk me up:

She can expect my friends to butter her up

What’s a guy without a wing-man? Goose and Maverick were literally co-pilots, Paul and John switched off lead vocals till that hoe Yoko came around, and Wayne and Garth made their living in a basement. She can expect them to be along for the ride.

She can expect to make friends with all types of people, as will I. People deserve a chance to be known for who they are, not what they’re known as.


I will embarrass her with my electrifying dance moves. I was once cast as Danny Zuko in Grease. So c’mon Barbie, let’s go party.

fool for you

She’ll be well acquainted with coffee. I’ve had to teach myself to like it black, since I know I’ll be a father someday.


She can expect to hear lots of singing in the shower:


Shower jams range from Queen to Yonce’ to show tunes.

Speaking of shower jams, she can expect to be serenaded (in general).

Sometimes I walk around naked.

She can expect compliments. Who doesn’t love being told their talented, or smart, or have good eyebrows?

How Do I Put This Gently ?

We’ll be goofy. We’ll have the dog’s hair cut like a lion by the groomer, set some snakes loose on a plane, or maybe even start some prank wars with the 90 year old neighbors across the street.

She can expect goofiness

I’ll be confident, brave, and daring. I’d put it all on the line. I’d battle a giant fire breathing dragon if it meant I could make her breakfast in bed.

Honesty is and will continue to be a priority, in life and in love.


It might be hard for her to convince me of certain things. I can be stubborn, but a hard head can be tamed with that of a soft heart.


I’ll be attentive. I’m a listener.

from poetry to pornography

She can expect the ultimate proposal. Whether it’s during the Macy’s Day Parade or in a small diner in the slums on a cold December afternoon.

welcome to my kingdom

She can expect dad jokes. I’ll be a good daddy, with better jokes.

Dad Jokes

She’ll know that I’m a sucker for red lipstick.

I’m a giver. She can have all the red and pink starburst, or pick out all the cherry lifesavers if she wishes to.

She can expect agiver

I’ll care for her when she is sick.

cameron IM DYING

She can expect to see me cry every once in awhile. Being a momma’s boy doesn’t make you soft. It means you’re willing to provide for your provider. We were created for a reason, and that reason couldn’t be exploited without the help of a nurturing mother’s love.

Google Image Result for http://www.speakinggump.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/forrest-gump-momma.jpg

Maybe we’ve never met, or maybe we have. That’s the beauty in wondering. All I know is she’ll be beautiful. She won’t be Victoria’s Secret Model beautiful, or the girl out on the town that everyone’s after, but the one who is most comfortable in herself. She can expect to have a keeper. Not because I’m a perfect man (which I’m far from), but because we’ll be perfect for each other. I’ll be the luckiest guy in the world.

Things will get tough.

Let\'s walk in the rain together.

She’ll get mad at me sometimes,


& we will get into arguments,

(3) Likes / Tumblr

but I’ll do my best to keep my cool.

I’m always willing to forgive,


as I don’t know what the future holds,

but I expect her to love me no matter what.

21 Reasons Your Mom Is The Best Friend Ever

Cos I’ll be there till the very end.

Toy Story


She can expect her love to be written about, if it hasn’t already.




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