Off The Subject

You know when you meet someone but can’t remember where or when? and vice-versa? Or when one person pretends to forget, for some reason it just seems easier that way. There’s even the case where both pretend to not remember. Avoiding awkwardness is awkward, so why do we do it? I want people to know the real me, not just things about me.

Up until today the fall weather was quite nice. The cold front came in pretty quickly, it’s just one of those nights when it’s so cold the fire flies won’t shine a light. I don’t blame em’. During the sunny days I did a lot of reading in the grass under big trees with leaves of many colors falling from them. You know, the red/yellow/orange trifecta. The most beautiful time of the year.

Autumn is here

Finding the right spot is essential, it’s located somewhere between the shade and the sun. I call it the “shun” spot (shade + sun). Close enough to civilization but far enough away from interaction. It’s just you and your thoughts, nothing else matters. I’ll admit it. I’m a bit dramatic. I acted like I was having a “moment” every time a pretty leaf laid itself down upon my paperback, but it’s fun to pretend you’re in a movie when you’ve got the chance. We’ve got lots of chances. 

The feather *forrest gump <That’s a feather though.

off the subject

^ What can I say? The kid knows how to find “shun” spots.

I’ve got this issue. Whenever I put my bookmark on the page I want to come back to, I forget which of the two pages I’m on when I open it the next time. I tell myself I’ll remember, but I never do. I need a better bookmark or just need to pay more attention. I don’t wanna be written off, I want to be on the same page like I thought I was. Errr yeah, we’re still talking about books.

Comparing people to everyday things is fun ya know, it’s all so relevant.

It’s like my shoe laces. I can tie em up all tight and neat and all, but I’ll still end up being a big nerd. That’s life for ya.

Bad example.

It’s more like this:

We all wanna’ go after the same chip in the bowl. Is it because of its shape? size? location? Maybe, but once someone goes and snatches it away, it’s theirs for the keeping. No hard feelings, there are plenty more chips in the bowl. The zesty salsa though? You’ve got to scoop it up while you can cos it goes a lot quicker. We’ve all got that perfect chip + dip combination, we’ve just got to seek it out so no one sees it before us. Be patient. When the queso comes along, you’ll lose your shit.


eVeRyOnE KnOwz U DoN’T jUsT tAkE aNy ChIp.

Again with the chips. Who wants to be a bag of Lays potato chips when you can be a container of pringles? Having a unique design and being filled to the brim is more appealing than being scattered and full of nothing.

I get off the subject a lot.

I could sit in my boxers and play piano for the rest of my life. I gargle honey before I sing. It really loosens up the vocal cords, or it might just be my excuse for a sugar rush. I can see the headlines now “Wannabee rock-star overdoses on sweet emotion.”  Sounds like a pretty sweet death to me.

Amélie's Little Secrets on Bloglovin

I loathe the last little bit from a tube of toothpaste. You’ve built it up to seem like it’s endless, using the amount of the heart’s desire each time. But then it’s a struggle, and you just can’t get anything out of it. It never ends up being enough. It’s frustrating, makes you wanna scrape the enamel right off of those pearly whites. You can’t though, that’s what keeps them healthy. It’s like people. You’ve got to surround yourself with the enamel people, they hold us together.


As for the others (toothpaste tubes), you can’t keep squeezing the life out of them. There’s not always a whole lot left to give. You’ve just gotta go to the market and get a new tube. Keep on smiling.

In the mean time, let’s all sip some coffee and pretend to get shit done.



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